Big Data Engineering 

& Artificial Intelligence for 

Mobility Telematics & Industry 4.0

  • Access to powerful insights with Advanced Data Analytics

  • Combine AI & Machine Learning with natural language processing and the help of Smart Assistant (Google Home, Alexa, ... )

  • One step ahead with AI algorithms

  • from preventive diagnostics

  • to predictive and prescriptive maintenance

  • not only detecting degrading in the assets, but also prescribe a solution to mitigate the problem





  • Connect assets using different IOT devices

  • Acquire data with Big Data Engineering and Fast Ingestion Architectures

  • Help customers to easily get knowledge from their data, maximizing asset performance and product quality

  • use new paradigms to access information with natural language processing and chatnbot, smart assistants (google home, alexa...) & VR

  • provide ready-to-use building blocks to help prototyping and time2market

  • Our target is to become the best partner for connectivity and artificial intelligence dedicated to mobility & industry

  • Transforming connected and complex data into a simple and useful knowledge

  • supporting the executive with data-driven decisions



  • READY TO USE BUILDING BLOCKS  to streamline prototyping and Time2Market for IOT and Telematics

  • DATA QUALITY SCORING: analysis, scoring on data quality. Ready to use dashboard and insight

  • GEOFENCE: mobility events detection -  exit/entry/stop  from/to/in a Point Of Interest

  • TRIP MANAGEMENT: trips data enrichment, map matching. ready to use dashboard 

  • ASSET PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT - data acquisition, streaming analysis, asset performance scoring.

  • SMART ASSISTANT: to easily access information (eg. Alexa, Google Home..) 

  • EV SERVICES: integrated services for  EV-CHARGE, Cloud based battery management, simulation & assessment for fleet electrification



  • Big data & Fast ingestion engineering for large scale processing

  • Machine learning for predictive and prescriptive maintenance for fixed and mobile assets

  • Asset performance applications for large fleets and Industry 4.0

  • Insurance telematics for driving behaviour and risk assessment

  • Data quality & scoring for mobility telematics

  • Data integration & intelligence for MES, ERP, MRP

  • Advanced data analytics, using natural language processing, chatbot, VR, smart assistants 




OEM & Fleets

Shared & Electric Mobility







  • XCEPTION is a Business Unit from Sistematica S.p.A. with 20+ years of experience in mobility, aerospace, energy management

  • XCEPTION is dedicated to Mobility Telematics and Industry 4.0

  • Specialized engineers with focus on hardware and software solution design, aiming to connect mobile and fixed assets

  • A team of passionate data scientists devoted to implement computing models for remote diagnostics and predictive and prescriptive maintenance

  • A strong verticalization on e-mobility for vehicle diagnostics and electric charge


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